Join us on May 1st from 4-7pm to celebrate our AMAZING NEW STORE! We’re still the same great boutique, but with a facelift. Our evening will include shopping (20% off entire store), gift with purchase, raffle prizes (over $1000!), free mini personal sleep sessions, and so much more!

RSVP not required for the event, but required if you would like to schedule a time for your personal 15 minute session with Melissa Brown of Sleep Shop OC. Email with your time preference.

4 Responses to “We’re Throwing a PARTY!”

  • Linda Ly says:

    Hello! I was just wondering if you will be able to accommodate children at this event if I wanted to RSVP for the 15 minute sleep shop? I was able to attend the last workshop because you were not able to. If so I would definitely like to RSVP for the sleep shop :) the later the better. Thank you!

  • Matias says:

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  • Isabel says:

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  • Helen says:

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