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Join us on May 1st from 4-7pm to celebrate our AMAZING NEW STORE! We’re still the same great boutique, but with a facelift. Our evening will include shopping (20% off entire store), gift with purchase, raffle prizes (over $1000!), free mini personal sleep sessions, and so much more!

RSVP not required for the event, but required if you would like to schedule a time for your personal 15 minute session with Melissa Brown of Sleep Shop OC. Email with your time preference.


WHO: Becky of Nourish-Baby

WHAT: Two hour breastfeeding class that is fun and informative. They go over positioning & latching techniques, importance of the first 24 hours, pumping essentials, milk storage, and so much more!

WHEN:  2016 : Thursday, 6pm – 8:30pm - Jan 21st, Feb 25th, Mar 17th, Apr 21st, May 19th, June 16th, July 21st

WHERE: Xpecting Maternity & Nursing Boutique

369 E. 17th St, Costa Mesa 92627

HOW MUCH: The $50 fee covers you and a significant other during the 2 hour class and a 15 minute phone consultation after your baby is born. In addition, Xpecting gives you a $50 store credit to use on any nursing products (Medela pumps, nursing bras, nursing clothes, and more). So that class is practically FREE!

Call 949.574.2184 or email to reserve your spot

G3BannerOrbit Baby G3 Launch Event

Please join us for an afternoon of Orbit Baby G3 stroller Q&A. Ben, an Orbit representative, will be at Xpecting to answer all your questions. Orbit has made their G3 easier for parents to customize to their liking. Let us show you why Orbit is one of our top strollers

Purchase an Orbit system during the event and get your car seat installed for free!


Saturday, Feb 22, 2014
1pm – 4pm


Xpecting Boutique
369 E. 17th St. #20
Costa Mesa, CA 92627



After having two little ones, we understand that the last couple of weeks of baby prep can be overwhelming. We decided to put together a list of Hospital Bag must-have items that every mama should have. At Xpecting, we carry a wide assortment of comfy clothes, nursing apparel, and baby items that will help you make the transition with your new bundle of joy a little easier. Being prepared gives you more time to enjoy the first couple of days with your family. Don’t forget, we are always on hand to help you find the perfect nursing bra, pajamas and tanks.

1. Nursing Pajamas* :: After you deliver, you’ll want to change out of the gross hospital gown into something more comfortable and nursing friendly. With family members taking numerous pictures of you and the baby, you’ll want to wear something that doesn’t make you blend into the wall. We suggest Bela Bum Bum or Cake pajamas

2. Miracle Blanket* :: The nurses at the hospital are magicians. They’ll make swaddling look so easy, but when you get home, your baby will magically bust out of their swaddle. Skip the blanket swaddles and go straight towards the Miracle Blanket. It it easy to use and recommended by hundreds of medical professionals.

3. Nursing Bra* :: Every mama needs a good nursing bra. As you’re getting bigger, you’ll need several good supportive bras. We recommend that you pack one in your hospital bag so that your nursing pads can be held in place when you start to leak.

4. Nursing Pillow :: Again, the nurses will arrange your pillows in a way that you won’t be able to recreate at home. A nursing pillow will make nursing easier and keep your back from being hunched over.

5. Toiletries :: You’ll be in the hospital for several days, so pack your toothpaste/toothbrush, favorite body wash, face wipes, and shampoo. Feeling and smelling fresh will make all the difference when you’re able to walk around again.

6. Outfit for baby* :: With all the pictures that will be taken, you’ll want new baby to have the cutest outfit on. Yala makes a super soft, way-too-cute onesie in several different colors.

7. Nipple Cream* :: Start using nipple cream right when you start to nurse. Prevent cracked nipples rather than trying to treat it after it comes. It’s like putting sun tan lotion on after you’re already burnt.

8. Camera & Charger :: Most parents think they’ll just snap pictures on their smart phones, but chances are those pictures will never leave your phone. With a regular camera, those pictures will make it onto your computer and the quality will be better if you want to get them printed. Don’t forget the charger (and your phone charger!).

9. Flip Flops :: Bring a pair of throw away flip flops for the shower and walking around. Also, bring a pair of warm socks for the cold hospital ground.

10. Snacks :: You’re not allowed to eat once you get to the hospital, but you’ll want to feed your spouse. Chances are, you’ll be in the room for a while and you won’t want your spouse to leave the room once things start going. Also a good thing to have on hand because we all know they don’t serve a 5 star meal at the hospital. **Note: bring some goodies for the nurses as well. The nurses are such hard workers, they love a little treat.**

11. Going home outfit* :: You’ll want something comfortable and nursing friendly to go home from the hospital in. Our nursing tanks have built in bras to make nursing easier for mom and baby. Since we all know you won’t lose the belly right away, a comfortable pair of lounge pants is the best option to go home in. For cooler weather, throw on a cardigan and you have a stylish and comfortable outfit.

We hope to see you in store soon! This is such an exciting time in your life, we want to help make the transition easier.


On the last day of Xpecting’s 12 Days of Christmas, we’re resorting to gift certificates! Skip the guessing game on whether you think they’ll like the gift or not and just buy them a gift certificate. Purchase one in any amount and let the pregnant mama in your life choose what will fit them best. Xpecting isn’t just a maternity boutique, we also sell baby items, non-maternity clothes and nursing items. Any gal will be able to find something to fit their wardrobe at Xpecting.

Call Xpecting today to purchase on and we’ll send it directly to the recipient!